Q. Can I use my coupon the same day as buy it?
A. Yes, unless the merchant specifies otherwise
Q. How do I use it
A. You have a few redemption choices. You may use a printed coupon, use your mobile device showing the coupon, or use your InTown Deal Card (where accepted). VIDEO
Q. Can the purchased coupon be traded for cash value?
A. No
Q. Am I charged when I sign up for InTown?
A. No, sign up is FREE and you can browse deals until you decide to purchase a coupon(s)
Q. Do I get charged $1 per coupon?
A. Yes. 1 coupon would be a total of $1.00 but if you buy 3 coupons InTown gives you one for FREE. So in other words if you add 4 coupons to your Shopping Cart the price is only $3.00.
Q. What if the business I bought a coupon for closes down?
A. We will refund the $1 purchase price of your coupon NO QUESTIONS ASKED but we require that we must receive notification.
Q. When is my credit card charged?
A. At time of purchase
Q. Is my credit card information safe?
A. Yes. All credit card # is stored securely on Authorized.Net for your protection as an extra security measure. Authorize.net is a Major Credit Card Processing company.
Q. When will InTown be in my city?
A. InTown is planning on marketing to more cities, although our platform can be used by merchants and consumers from anywhere and at any time. We don’t have to be marketing to a specific area for a business to self post their deals and drive consumers/ customers to see and purchase their deals.
Q. Can I change my location to see deals elsewhere?
A. Yes, you can do this a couple of different ways. First, you can change your default zip code in case you are moving or would like to see current deals in a specific location in your preferences, or you may choose from the drop down menu “Nearby Zip Codes” and select from the list, which is triggered when a zip code is searched.
Q. What if I am dissatisfied with the merchant?
A. Please inform us via email at customersupport@intown.com
Q. What if I don’t want my coupon anymore?
A. Simply do not use it, however we cannot refund your $1.
Q. Do a certain number of people need to buy the deal for it to be valid?
A. No, our platform does not require group purchasing for our deals to be valid.
Q. Can deals be combined?
A. In most cases that is not allowed, but is solely at the discretion of the merchant.
Q. When I signed up, I didn’t receive an email with my password. What do I do?
A. Check your email “Junk” or “Spam” folder or click “Forgot Password” on the Sign In page.
Q. Why should I buy an InTown Discount Deal Card?
A. It is the fastest, easiest and most discrete method of redemption in a classy way. NO PAPER REQUIRED.
Still have more questions? Please email us at Help@InTown.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.